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Workshop: Digital Mechanical Material by Design, a Physicist approach

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I will introduce fundamental principles of mechanical metamaterials that have unusual mechanical properties thanks to their structure. These will be illustrated using visual and hands-on examples.

Mechanical metamaterials are materials that have unusual mechanical properties thanks to their structure rather than their microscopic composition. Digital fabrication has recently given the tools to physicists, mathematicians, engineers and designers to explore these kinds of new materials. These smart materials open the path to materials in which we can pre-program the way they deform or they behave. In this workshop, I would like to show some fundamental and recent discoveries in the field of mechanical metamaterials. Although the example I chose to present have been flavored by the scientific community, they are often inspired from artistic or nature's work. I will give to this workshop a very hands-on and visual flavor to convey the key messages. These will be illustrated by building origami and kirigami foldings and by manipulating experimental and physical models. In the future, these might inspire new practice in mechanical design.


Day: 2018-07-20
Start time: 14:30
Duration: 04:30
Track: Fab Research



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