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Speaker: Changyu Diao


Archaeological Computer Science Researcher of Zhejiang University of China and visiting fellow of Harvard University.

He is a highly motivated researcher and a team leader of a computer-aided archaeological technology and application group in the Cultural Heritage Institute of Zhejiang University, China. He has engaged in cultural heritage digitization research for 20 years, including 3D digitization, information management, information processing and analysis, virtual exhibition, digital museum, etc. Some of the research achievements represent the highest level of the related areas in China, which have been successfully applied to over 100 sites and museums.

Diao spent one year in the Digital Giza Project of Harvard University. During the last autumn semester, students of Harvard and Zhejiang universities joined into a virtual classroom together and finished the course of Giza archaeology in front of Sphinx in VR sets. He is continuing the collaborative research on web exploration, 3D printing, and data mining for the digital Giza collections with potential value.