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Speaker: Rohaan Goswami


COO, Director of Product at YCenter

Rohaan Goswami is an Entrepreneur, Humanitarian Engineer and Educator.

As the COO and Director of Product Design at Ycenter, Goswami currently leads the engineering and design teams, and is chief architect of Ycenter’s global experiential learning platform EPIC. He is also in charge of driving the organization’s worldwide expansion programs, and heads its grassroot development projects in Asia, Middle East and Africa - creating and supporting remote ecosystems that cater to UN SDGs such as Quality Education, Reduced Inequalities and Decent Work & Economic Growth.

When not solving challenges at Ycenter, Goswami works as the Creative Director at ProjectOne, a non-profit media collective that he founded in 2016 to research on & celebrate human diversity. Goswami is frequently invited as a visiting faculty for Design Thinking, Social Innovation and Sustainable Technology domains across top universities including IIT-Bombay, IIT-Roorkee, ISDI and University of Nairobi, and also as a keynote speaker & advisor for international organizations, policy makers and conferences including Shell Foundation, IEEE and Unite 2030.

In November 2017, Goswami was invited as a delegate from India to the United Nations Development Program - MISK Global Forum in Riyadh to brainstorm with young leaders, creators and thinkers from around the world for ways to meet “The Challenge of Change”. He believes that the shortest distance between two people is a story, and that the world can be brought closer together through efficient storytelling mediums, sustainable technology and experiential education.