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Workshop: UNIDO Approach for Promoting ISID: Egypt’s Case and the way forward

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Ahmed REZK

UNIDO supports its Member States in achieving higher levels of ISID and through this, progressing toward the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals. A number of trends can be observed in global development that pose challenges and opportunities for ISID. They include changes in manufacturing growth and value added, poverty and inequality, gender dynamics, more globalized markets, increased environmental degradation, the emergence of a new industrial revolution, an evolving finance architecture and innovative partnerships. UNIDO has been very active in Egypt over the last two decades with its Regional office in Cairo. Currently, UNIDO runs a portfolio of 11 projects. These projects respond to the challenges and opportunities and focus on services to support four main strategic priorities: creating shared prosperity; advancing economic competitiveness; safeguarding the environment; and strengthening knowledge & institutions. During this session, speakers will present UNIDO experience and lesson learnt especially in the field of entrepreneurship/youth employability and the use of digital fabrication as one of I4.0 technologies the development of clusters and creative industries. Additionally, during the workshop, UNIDO will engage with participants on a discussion concerning the organization of future plans for Egypt sustainable development with focus on I4.0 and Entrepreneurship . Discussions will revolve around how would UNIDO help Egypt in this fields, what are the good practices and ideal business models, and potential partners.


Day: 2019-08-01
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 02:00
Room: F56
Track: education



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