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Workshop: Making Materials with Materiom

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Julia Hansen

Develop a biomaterial recipe using locally abundant ingredients with Materiom!

Digital fabrication has the potential to drive sustainable human development but many of the materials used in testing, prototyping, and in final products are made of polluting plastics. Natural ecosystems have for eons produced, broken down and reused materials without polluting. Can we create materials for digital fabrication using nature’s intelligence? Materiom thinks so, and invites you to participate in a workshop to create a biomaterial using locally abundant biomass. We’ll take you through our methodology for producing the material recipe, forming molds, and together discuss how this recipe can be scaled up in the context of a circular economy in Egypt. This workshop will be followed up with the subsequent “Fabricating with Materiom” workshop.


Day: 2019-07-31
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 02:00
Room: Table 1
Track: design



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