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Workshop: Origami paper microscopes (Foldscope) to explore the microcosmos - ocean edition

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Manu Prakash

Description: Science and technology faces an accessibility crisis - with billions of people who never get access to tools of science. In the context of “Frugal science” - join the inventor of Foldscope to discuss ways of exploring broad themes of applying extreme affordability and frugal approaches to your projects to enable broad accessibility and scale up to your projects.
We will have this discussion wrapped around a Foldscope workshop - come build an origami based paper microscopes. Learn to use this ultra affordable (less than two dollars) tool - and join a community of million other users from around the world in exploring the microscopic world; in context of health, environmental and ecological monitoring. For the workshop, we will have plenty of marine sample - to explore microscopic life in the ocean.”


Day: 2019-08-01
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 01:30
Room: Table 10
Track: education



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