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Workshop: FabBlimp

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Eduardo Chamorro, Santiago Fuentemilla

Design and construction of an indoor radio controlled blimp

Blimps are relatively simple flying machines; they use a gas that is lighter than air, such as helium, in order to be able to float, while using motored propellers on a bottom structure to move forwards and backwards. By building your own blimp bag out of mylar, filling it with helium, and attaching it to a motorized bottom, you can construct your own relatively inexpensive indoor blimp.

During the workshop the participants will develop different skills related to digital manufacturing.
- Design, cut and weld with the laser cutter two layers of mylar or similar to forms the different volumes that will then be filled with helium
- Prototyping a structure light enough to hold motors and electronics, and capable of directing both right and left as well as up and down the blimp.
- Design and program an app to control the blimp

Hosted by:

Eduardo Chamorro
Santiago Fuentemilla


Day: 2019-08-01
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 04:00
Room: Table 6
Track: education



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