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Workshop: Game lab

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Norhan Zahran, Ahmad Mansour

We all love Super Mario, right? Or perhaps you’re more of a Candy Crush person Did you play PUBG? We all love playing games. The feeling of accomplishment, of improving, of beating an opponent, the feedback and rewards that you get are the sorts of things that keep you coming back for more! Gamification has become so trendy in the last couple of years. What if I tell you that you can get a magical toolkit to help you make everything around you that fun and engaging? Welcome to the Gamification world offered to you in Game lab! Come join our lab and gamify whatever feels boring in your life! Gamelab is where all the fun is!


Day: 2019-07-31
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 04:30
Room: Table 6
Track: entrepreneurship



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