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Workshop: Interstructuring Fab Lab ecosystems with a semantic wiki

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Guillaume Coulombe

Discover how in Québec Province, in Canada, Fab Labs and other friend labs - along with all types of organizations, are creating a Fab Labs movement that enables new possibilities and ways of collaborating. Guillaume Coulombe will introduce you to Fab Labs Québec philosophy of inter-structuring with digital sovereingty in mind and then he will demonstrate the powers of their Semantic Wiki. In the workshop, the group will understand what is a semantic wiki and how impressive this tool is for managing collective knowledge. Then they will be demonstrated how Fab Labs Québec created their semantic wiki with the intention to have its model and data re-used by other Fab Labs movements


Day: 2019-07-30
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 02:00
Room: F47
Track: fabcity



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