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Workshop: Quakecraft - Build and program the electronics kit to make your own classroom shaketable.

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Bridget McKendry, Brandy Alger

This workshop is designed to build the key piece of equipment needed for the Quakecraft education programe to run in schools. It can be made in a Fab Lab or school maker space as part of hard materials technology, digital fabrication, electronics or even computer science curriculum. The files are free to download at Scopes DF.

In this workshop we will assemble and solder the electronics kits for the shake table , and learn to programe "earthquakes" into the Arduino Nano that drives it. The rest of the shakable will need to be laser cut and 3D printed in the participant's own time with the files available on Scopes DF, but you will have a working motor and Arduino module to take home with you.


Day: 2019-07-30
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 02:00
Room: Table 6
Track: education



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