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Workshop: Papier: making your own paper

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Ângela Barbour

Papier: making your own paper, a journey to discover the world of handmade paper and its possibilities, including its use as support for projects in electronics and e-textiles.

Workshop presenting a brief history of paper production in the world, from the early Egyptian papyri to the current sustainable trends with the use of agricultural refuge or invasive plants. Enabling participants to create their own handmade paper from discarded material or linter of cotton coming from truck air filter chips discarded, using fabric as a mold. It will also be approached the possibility of inserting different materials, as plants, natural dyes, or even conductive threads for the creation of e-textiles, with paper as the basis. The workshop will bring together old and new technologies, opening up many possibilities for participants to act.


Day: 2019-07-30
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 04:30
Room: Table 2
Track: design



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