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Workshop: Applying EcoDesign approach in service value offer of FabLabs, seeking for a sustainable systemic innovation

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FabLab U. de Chile, EcoDiseñ

In recent years, Fablabs have fostered the development of sustainable products where objects are seen as systems, considering in the creative process the complete life cycle of the product, from the collection of the material to its degradation. This is the case of the growing trend of designing with local biomaterials or remanufacturing waste. For this, methodologies such as “material driven design” are experienced.
But to design a more sustainable future based on a production ecosystem in which Fablabs themselves are relevant actors, it becomes urgent to incorporate sustainability not only in products they impulse but also into the value offer of their services. In 2018-2019, supported by the local company Ecodiseñ, in FabLab U. Chile we apply EcoDesign methodology for this purpose.
In this workshop we want to reflect on sustainability practices in FabLabs and transfer knowledge for the application of EcoDesign approach in the services value offer.


Day: 2019-07-29
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 02:00
Room: F55
Track: design



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