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Workshop: Personalized Battery Bank, Your Charging Assistant

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Suhas Labade, Tushar Kukreja, Jaydip Sarode, Arundhati Jadhav

Make your own personalized portable power bank. The workshop give will cover a deep understanding of all the electronic components, principles of battery storage and digital fabrication.

Our workshop will give participants an in-depth understanding of Electronics. We aim to give a big picture of technicalities and principles behind battery stations and simultaneously focus on a personalized, lightweight, portable power bank. We will focus on all the elements from the selection and functionality of the electric components to various methods and stages of charging batteries. Through presentation, we will explain the circuit diagram of power bank, calculations of optimum voltages for charging a cell phone, prevent overcharge control, overcharge discharge control and controlling overcurrent. Importantly, the participants will get hands-on-experience of making own PCB using CNC milling machine, soldering of electric components, wiring, assembly and programming. The workshop will disperse with participants’ happily carrying power bank-travelling assistant and without worrying about their phone batteries.


Day: 2019-08-01
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 04:30
Room: Table 8
Track: design



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